Not just connectors

5.4. 2020

TE Connectivity is an international leader in technology and manufacturing that creates a safe, sustainable and productive future. Their wide range of focus is in areas such as connectivity and sensors, proven in the most demanding environments, has allowed progress in transport, industrial applications, medical technology, energy, data communication and home for over 75 years. With 80,000 employees, including more than 8,000 engineers working together with customers in approximately 150 countries, TE Connectivity ensures that “EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS.”

This year, TE Connectivity helped us, among other things, by supplying electrical material for both cars. In addition to a large number of shrinkable shape boot, tubing, wires and autosport connectors, which are needed for the production of wiring on an internal combustion car, our package from our partner also includes connectors, relays, and wires for the high-voltage part of the electric car.

Besides electrical components, TE Connectivity has been producing a large number of machined parts for the chassis section annually for several years. The quality of these workpieces is at the highest level. Because every gram of the car is counted, our designs are complicated and are often taken as a challenge for any programmer/ machinist. However, TE Connectivity is able to produce almost anything.

Every year we produce all aluminum components for our bonded carbon arms and other suspension rods. These parts are machined on 5-axis machines in one clamping.

However, they face even greater challenges, such as the machining of the functional surfaces of our optimized suspension arms, which are made by the lost wax method from 3D printed wax models. They go so far as to clamp these complicated parts, they print metal fasteners on their 3D printer to copy the shapes of the parts.

We would like to thank TE Connectivity for their long-term cooperation, without which our team couldn’t work. We look forward to the next season!