Successful start of the new season 2021/2022

The first red light at the traffic lights, the second, third, fourth and finally the fifth. All the traffic lights went out at once. START! Before we could say anything the start of the new Formula Student season became a reality.

The new season means new challenges that our entire team must face. As every year, this year will not miss the changes that were included in the Formula Student competition. Therefore, we decided to compete only with a car that will be powered purely on electric power. This is ensured by 2 engines, which will be located on the rear axle.

Another novelty in the 2021/22 season will be the driverless discipline, in which the car will have to be able to drive itself without a driver. Based on this, our recruitment for new members was also targeted mainly on students from the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication. High interest rates were a pleasant surprise. The number of members has thus risen up to 78. We will see how many team members will last until the end of the season at this tense and high pace.

In order to fulfill the essence and make the whole project work at all in the fisrt place, we cannot forget to promote our four-wheeled monoposts in order to reach as many new sponsors as possible. Therefore, we decided to actively participate in more exhibitions or shows, where we exhibited our last year’s two Dragons with combustion and electric engine. One of the most important was the e-Salon event: the Clean Mobility Show, which took place from 11th till 14th of November 2021 in Prague and the second one was the 62nd International Engineering Fair, which took place from 8th till 12th of November 2021 in Brno. We also constantly strive to improve our promotion on social networks, where we try to use new modern techniques or trends. As a result, the list of potential new partners and sponsors is steadily increasing to the point at which they meet our section leaders every week. Understandably, everything with the respect of pandemic measures.

Nevertheless, time is relentlessly quick, and therefore it is necessary to move closer and closer to the desired outcome of this project. So far, our team has organized 4 weekend events called Design challenge, where entire sections of the team have met. They were able to work together on individual design and technological ideas. The challenge of the season is to find a perfect match between the solutions of new technologies related to the electric engine of the vehicle. Achieving a significant advancement was thus guaranteed…

In conclusion, we would like to thank all of our partners, sponsors and fans who support us and continue to stand with us in this difficult time caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that the situation will not worsen and we will not be forced to stop meeting again in our workshop. At the end we would like to wish you good health and stay safe.


your team TU Brno Racing