Specialist in manufacturing technology

5.4. 2020

Transtech Tooling s.r.o., covers a wide portfolio of production technologies and consulting. With more than 20 years of history, the company is a reliable base for a large area of ​​production technology.

Transtech Tooling sells products from leading manufacturers such as Sika, Wacker, Sewa, Alwa and Kolb. In addition to the sale of products, it also offers its customers the production of “piece tools” and parts from the materials of the represented companies.

The support of our Transtech Tooling team dates back to Dragon 2, so we can call our long-term cooperation as a very extensive one. The company provides us with Sikablock(s) M440, which are suitable for manufacturing molds for laminate parts. They also provide us with the milling of the block and polystyrene molds on 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling machines.

Besides molds, Transtech Tooling provides us with epoxy systems for the production of laminates, whether it be for the production of conventional laminate parts, negative molds for monococcus or heat and chemically resistant laminates for special applications. In addition to material support, we also use consultations to select the right manufacturing technology for parts for our monoposts.