Better brakes make us go faster

5.4. 2020

Perhaps, as motorsport and car fans, you would say that Brembo S.p.A. doesn’t need an introduction. Whether you’re a Formula 1, WRC or Moto GP fan, you must know the company logo. It is because most of the winning machine is equipped with brake system components from this company. What you may not know is that this Italian company founded in the 60s of the last century, engaged in the development and production of brake components for almost any application, has a subsidiary Brembo Czech s.r.o., which, as the name suggests seats in CZ – more precisely in Ostrava.

Only for these reasons alone, we greatly appreciate the fact that this company has been interested in supporting us since the beginning of our negotiations. And so it happened. Our latest upcoming Dragon X will be equipped with first-class brake components of the highest quality. The brake calipers come directly from the world of Moto GP. Thanks to these components, we can lose more than 0.5 kg of weight. The total weight of the monopost, therefore does not exceed 190 kg, thanks to this fact which is an important loss of weight.

Thank you for your confidence in us and we will work hard to prove you that your brakes are on the best car possible. We look forward to our further cooperation!

Better brakes make us go faster