Third race of the season!

The end of the 10-year combustion era of the TU Brno Racing team. Thats how the last race of the 2020/2021 season could be also described. With the Dragon X monopost, we participated in the Formula Student East 2021 race, which took place on the famous Hungarian circuit, namely Hungaroring. And how it went for us?

We were especially looking forward to FS East 2021 this time, because all static disciplines, namely Cost & Manufacturing, Engineering Design and Business Plan Presentation, were presented on site and not online as at the rest of the race this season. Even before we got to them, we passed the technical inspection without any problems. We must admit that participation in the finals in all three of these static disciplines was expected but unfulfilled. We reached the finals in only one of these disciplines, specifically in Business Plan Presentation.

Static disciplines presented by TU Brno Racing members

With a desire for podium placements, we went on dynamic disciplines, specifically acceleration and skidpad. Unfortunately, the Dragon X monopost was affected by technical problems, which we solved quickly and continued in the Acceleration discipline.

We knew that our Dragon X had enough power and our drivers were also well prepared for the Autocross discipline. Unfortunately, a couple of unfortunately hit skittles made our time slightly worse. The royal discipline of Endurance was waiting now for us. We were looking forward for this culmination of the whole Hungarian race. With excellent times and without any technical problems, our drivers exchanged in the middle of the race on 11th kilometer of this discipline and we waited impatiently for waving the finish flag. The 22 kilometers that our Dragon X managed to finish brilliantly for us means a record of 14 completed Endurance in a row! We can be proud that we are the only Formula Student team in the whole of Europe to achieve this statistic.

Dragon X racing at Hungaroring

The FS East 2021 race did not turn out as well for us as we expected, but we take it as an excellent lesson. We know what we have to work on in order to return to the podium across all disciplines in the next races. 🏎🐉
This year we took away from the Hungarian Hungaroring:
5th place – Engineering Design event
5th place – Business Plan Presentation event
6th place – Cost and Manufacturing event
4th place – Static overall
12th place – Acceleration
14th place – Skid pad
12th place – Autocross
7th place – Endurance
3rd place – Efficiency
7th place – Dynamic overall
7th place – CV Overall Classification

We would like to thank the university, partners, supporters and our families for their support during this successful season. Without you, none of this would be possible!
This season we were able to shout our team shouts on the podium 11 times and raise the trophy above our heads.
It was a demanding year full of many hours of hard work, sleepy nights and often sad faces or disappointed expressions. Now we can only smile and congratulate ourselves on completing two monoposts in one season. This is the only team in the Czech Republic.
We did it!
Your TU Brno Racing team