Do you want to join our team?

1.9. 2021

Do you love challenges, interesting projects, innovations or are you just a motorsport enthusiast?
For the 2020/2021 season, we are recruiting new members to our Formula Student team called TU Brno Racing!
If you are a BUT student, just fill out this form. The recruitment program is for all faculties of the Brno University of Technology. Do not hesitate and do not miss the opportunity to gain a lot of practical experience and get involved in an interesting project!

You really shouldn’t miss this season 2021/2022. After 10 years, the TU Brno Racing team is fully transitioning to the construction of the electric formula, which will be the second of our production. Whether you are from FME and you want to focus on the mechanical part of the car or from FEEC and FIT and you are attracted to the electrical part, we would like to welcome all those who would help us make Dragon e2 a real beast!

Recruitment program:
In the first week of winter semester you can meet us in front of your faculties, where we will exhibit monoposts and you can learn more about our team and join us.
Time schedule:
20.9.2021, 21.9.2021, 23.9.2021 – in front of the faculty FME
20.9.2021, 21.9.2021, 23.9.2021 – in front of the faculty FEEC
9/22/2021 – in front of the FIT faculty
9/22/2021 – in front of the FBM faculty

Also, Our Team leader will lead a recruitment presentation, to which we will be happy to welcome you. The content of the presentation is about the Formula Student competition and our departments, in which you can then work.
Time and place:
9/27/2021 at 6:00 pm in lecture room P2 at FME

If you have filled in the recruitment form but you did not manage to reach us in front of any of the faculties or at the recruitment presentation, you do not have to worry. We will contact you via the contact you left us in the form.