Success at FS EAST 2022

After an unsuccessful start to the season at the home circuit in Most, we went to second race of the season FS East in Hungary, which were held this year at the famous Hungaroring track.

Immediately after arriving and registering, we got down to decorate the assigned section of the pit for our team. Dragon e2 passed the technical inspection of the battery, there was also a check of the safety equipment and the evening ended with the opening ceremony.

The second day was in the spirit of static disciplines. The Cost & Manufacturing, Business Plan presentation awaited us in the morning, and in the afternoon we ended with a mechanical inspections, an electrical inspections num. 1.

The next day the Dragon e2 completed its electric pass num. 2 and our dragon was challenged in the form of further checks, namely brakes, weight, tilt, rain and lastly the Egress test where our drivers prove that the single seater is safe and can safely exit it within five seconds.

On Wednesday, we finally got to see dynamic disciplines. It was wonderful to see our year-long work in action. We crossed our fingers in the stands and with enthusiasm we watched the skidpad, acceleration and autocross, when both pilots tried to set the fastest lap on the track. It was an exciting fight and we were hoping for the best possible results.

Thursday was spent in a more leisurely mode, so we reminisced about the good old days and watched the endurance of our colleagues with internal combustion engines. After charging the battery, we tested the Dragon again to be more confident before the long-awaited prestigious discipline.

The best came at the end. Despite the fact that Endurance is a stumbling block for most teams, the pilots got the most out of Dragon and thanks to them we took a beautiful third place in this discipline.

We therefore take many podium places from the Formula Student EAST, specifically:

1st in Engineering Design

Real Case Scenario Special Award

3rd in Endurance

2nd in Efficiency


Thank you for supporting our partners, the university and the families. Without you, we would not have achieved these successes.