• Races
    FS Czech, FS East, FS Germany
  • Weight
  • Maximum speed
  • Motors
    2x 35kW, 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Inverter
    Custom 100kW inverter
  • Battery pack
    600 V, 8kWh, 136 series connected pouch cell Grepow 757920, Composite aramid battery case
  • Electronics
    Printed circuit boards of own production Own made cable harness
  • Gearbox
    Stepped planetary gearbox with spur gears, gear ratio 12:1
  • Chassis
    light CFRP fullmonocoque with torsion stiffness of 2840 Nm/°
  • Aeropackage
    Multi-element front and rear wing, side diffusers, downforce 730 N (60 kph)
  • Suspension
    Double wishbone, CFRP A-arms with aluminium inserts Roll-heave system, pull rod on front, push rod on rear, Öhlins TTX 25 Mk II FSAE
  • Brakes
    Brembo calipers, P4 24 4-piston axial front, P2 24 2-piston axial rear Floating steel discs of own production, front diameter 185 mm, rear diameter 180 mm
  • Wheels
    10'' CFRP rim with aluminium disc Tires - Hoosier 16x7,5 - 10
  • Driverless
    Driverless ready car.