• YEAR: 2021
  • RACE: FS Czech Republic
  • WEIGHT: 215 kg
  • MAXIMUM SPEED: 112 km/h
  • Engine
    2x 35 kw, 3-phase synchronous PMSM
  • Battery pack
    403.2 V, 24 Ah, configuration of 96 serial, 8 parallel 18650 cells Sony VTC6
  • Gearbox
    Electronically software-controlled differential, gearbox with direct gearing and one gear ratio
  • Chassis
    space frame made of steel tubes
    composite monocoque in front
    space tubular frame at the rear
  • Aeropackage
    multi-element front and rear wing, sidepods, side and rear diffusers
  • Suspension
    Double trapezoidal
  • Suspension
    ZF Sachs FSAE one shock absorber per wheel + stabilizer on the front and rear axle. Pull rod front and back.
  • Brakes
    ISR calipers, 4-piston axial front, 2-piston radial rear
    floating steel discs of own production, front diameter 210 mm, rear diameter 200 mm
  • Wheels
    13 '' Carbon fiber wheels
    Continental Slick C17 tires