• YEAR: 2019 
  • COMPETITION: FS Germany, FS Czech Republic, FS East, FS Netherlands
  • WEIGHT: 188 kg 
  • MAXIMUM SPEED: 114 km/h 
  • ACCELERATION  0 - 100 km/h: 3,2 s 
  • Engine
    water cooled single cylinder turbocharged Husqvarna FE 501
    maximum power: 61 kW at 9900 rpm
    maximum torque: 72 Nm at 6900 rpm
    fuel: E85
  • Gearbox
    three-speed, Proshift gear change system with paddles, pneumatic actuated and own developed control system
    differential Drexler with limited slip
  • Frame and hood
    space frame made of steel tubes
    composite monocok in front
    space tubular frame at the rear
    aeropackage - multi-element front and rear wing, sidepods, side and rear diffusers
  • Suspension
    double trapezoidal
    Suspension - "Roll-heave" concept, Öhlins TTX 25 FSAE shock absorbers, one for cornering, the other for straight driving. Total 2 shock absorbers per axle. This concept makes it possible to control these driving conditions independently. Pull rod in front, push rod in back.
  • Brakes
    ISR calipers, 4-piston axial front, 2-piston radial rear floating steel discs of our own production, 210 mm front diameter, 200 mm rear diameter
  • Wheels
    13'' magnesium OZ Racing
    Continental Slick C19